Remembering poppy

Why remember?

We shall explore remembrance in the context of Remembrance Day and other festivals of remembrance, exploring actions and rituals associated with times of remembering, and how symbols and artefacts may be used to express the belief of a faith member; religious stories and texts guide believers to forgive others and lead to reconciliation. 

Resources:  remembering in poetry and literature

Download linked resources for REaction (check Peace & Conflict page for more!): 

Remembering – teaching ideas

The Wagoners story     Letter to an Unknown Soldier     Poster for Remembrance

Remembering resources and links

RE Today units:

2 stories of Christians from the Great War      Dr Noel and his VCs      To fight or not to fight – Owen Thomas

Y2-3 Fierce Feathers story and activities      Y2-3 What happened in the war 100 years ago

Y4-6 What can we learn from the Great War      Y7-9 War and Peace arguments


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