What inspires people to follow a faith and what is the cost?

Faith in Action links with Saints and heroes, exploring various aspects of making a commitment, seeking out the religious commitment that often goes hand in hand with the admission of belief.  It looks at the way commitments affect and shape lives, guiding the activities of both groups and like-minded individuals.

Resources: stories about people who are living / have lived out their beliefs through the centuries, such as Mother Theresa, Desmond Tutu, William Wilberforce, Bono

Download linked resources for REaction:


Other useful resources:

KS2 Christianity Faith in Action – Southwark

And from the Salvation Army, some fabulous lesson plans & associated materials:

RE Faith In Action 1

RE Faith In Action 1B

RE Faith In Action 2

RE Faith In Action 3

RE Faith In Action 4

Resource Sheet 1A

Plenary Resource sheet 1B

Resource sheet 1B Card match

Resource Sheet 1C love my neighbour

Resource sheet 1D spinner

Resource sheet 1E character sheet

Resource sheet 1F Questions

Resource sheet 1G Poster

WW1 KS2 Lesson Powerpoint


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