REaction ‘Hopes and Visions’ explores some key teachings of faith founders, providing opportunities for pupils to consider their impact and ways in which they have shaped believers’ responses to ultimate questions such as:
Who are we?  What is the purpose of our existence?  Who or what is God?
We take time to consider our life journey so far, envisioning what the future may hold, what we would hope for the world.  We explore global issues which face children and young people not having access to education:
# War & Conflict
# Disabilities
# We design a ‘school bag’ with a message to the Prime Minister
# We design a wristband with coloured beads representing various issues with global education
We consider how each young person can be ‘the missing piece to the puzzle’ – a part of the solution to help other children get an education.

Download essential information for the day:

Teachers’ essential briefing

Hopes-and-Visions-workshop grid

Programme 2016-7 – Bridlington and Hedon

Programme 2016-7 – Driffield

Driffield workshop order

Hedon workshop order

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