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REaction days bring RE to life!

REaction offers pupils a lively way of engaging actively with RE.  The cost is just £3 per student.
REaction events are run in local churches, in partnership with faith communities and the local Christian team, Label of Love, often with a lively mix of drama, dance and music, plus a measure of social action to give some challenge.  There’s also story, creativity and reflection – something for all styles of learning.  REaction gives opportunity for schools to practice cross-curricular learning, whilst supporting teachers with good practice in RE.  REaction is a happy marriage between core religious education and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
The day starts at 10:00 and finishes at 14:30; it is aimed at different year groups each term.  Pupils are split into workshop groups and tackle 4 or 5 activities over the course of the day.  REaction begins and ends with plenary sessions that encourage teamwork and respect for others, with fun and games!  Using enquiry, teachers then prepare follow-up activities from our local RE syllabus, once back in school.

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Autumn Term 2021

This term we are again able to present some REaction workshops in church in November, and also offer simultaneous sessions delivered online or we can come into school at your convenience.

REaction has a ball-park price of £3 per pupil; bespoke provision in school for large/small numbers of children can be negotiated.  Please be in touch if your school is interested.

We’re working on a very exciting St John theme jointly with Beverley Minster and Beverley St Mary’s; 7th May 2021 was the 1300th anniversary of his death – he was an East Yorkshire lad, born in Harpham.

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St John of Beverley’s well at his birthplace in Harpham.  Read more about him here or visit Beverley Minster shop.

Comments from teachers and pupils:

“A fabulous way to bring the RE curriculum alive, out of the classroom in a stunning venue.  Thank you.”
“A really enjoyable day had by all – fun, interesting, inspirational & educational – many thanks to all the staff for a great day!”
“I was impressed with the varying activities throughout the day; since these were quite different to the norm, they provided a very effective means of embedding the RE curriculum.
“Ace, awesome, amazing”
“It’s better than RE at school!”
“Helped me understand other people’s stories when I acted them out.”
“Helped me to think about those with disabilities; the man doing it also smiled a lot!”
“Helps me to know that everyone has talents.”

Playing Jenga with Joshua as the walls come tumbling down

Playing Jenga with Joshua as the walls come tumbling down

Kings Mill pupils enter into the spirit of the dramatisation

Kings Mill pupils enter into the spirit of the dramatisation

Learning the lessons of war

Learning the lessons of war

Creating the dance moves

Creating the dance moves


Revd Matthew leading a reflective ‘pilgrimage’ workshop to St John’s tomb, Bridlington Priory

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