We can offer ongoing support for subject leaders through

  • CPD courses
  • supplementary advice for follow-up in school.

Keep in touch with REinHull for updates, for news and resources and get in touch if you need specific, bespoke support.

You may wish to consider auditing your RE against the RE Quality Mark.  This presentation will give you a good idea of what’s involved and how it will help your school:


Here is a selection of useful materials from previous training sessions.

Policy review documents – click to download:

Primary School Subject Review – questions to ask

Standards and Progression:

Assessment in Primary RE (Ofsted) Mar13

Placing enquiry at the heart of learning (Ofsted)

Enquiry-based learning:

Websites for enquiry-based learning

Life as a journey

for Hanukkah –

Hanukkah     Enquiring into Hanukkah     Hanukkah pictures

Dreidel game     Making a Hanukkah Wish Star     Making a Menorah

for Eid –

Eid Enquiry


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