With grateful thanks to Anne Krisman, we share her resources from our conferences in March 2014 and June 2017

ParticipantsAnne Krisman, S & M

(click on title to download)

The Burning Core

The Spirit of RE

Engaging and exploring notes

Resources for our pupils

5 keys Easter

5 keys Iona

5 Keys Jewish new year

5 keys Kosher

5 Keys Muhammad

5 keys Sikhism

5 keys template

A Philosophy of RE

Assessment markers

St Francis facts

Dance notes

Engaging RE resources for our pupils – Ppt

Faith quotes to download:

Faith stories – compilations:

KS1_Sikh_stories KS1_Buddhist_stories KS1_Christian_stories KS1_Hindu_stories KS1_Islamic_stories KS1_Jewish_stories

Useful websites:

Foundling Museum:    http://foundlingmuseum.org.uk/ 
Beth Grossman’s Golden Rules:    http://www.bethgrossman.com/gallery/commentary/
Prophet Muhammad: http://www.reonline.org.uk/why-is-the-prophet-muhammad-pbuh-inspirational-to-muslims/

For further online information and guidance, you might look at the Save RE page on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Anne is happy to answer individual needs on email: annetevka@aol.com

Don’t forget to check out our ‘5 Keys’ focussed units here…

You will find the ‘Burning Core’ of all of our 2016 syllabus units in abbreviated form!


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