This Autumn Term, we have trained with the East Yorkshire RE syllabus & Understanding Christianity, linking that programme to our Units of Learning.  If you would like to arrange such input for your colleagues, please be in touch and we’ll organise another session.

The CPD gives opportunity to improve your subject knowledge about Christianity based on the requirements of the local Agreed Syllabus, together with exploring key concepts and sharing ideas from the ‘Understanding Christianity’ programme, applying them to Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

ERYC CPD booking form

Hull CPD Booking form

See 2016 Syllabus pages to access our RE syllabus.

To negotiate bespoke training for your school or cluster:

East Riding schools, contact Sue Holmes
Scale of charges
Hull schools, contact Marilyn Cowling:

Planning and assessing RE
REQM: accrediting your school
Faith visits
Collective Worship
“Excellent – great ideas and a very inclusive methodology which will work well in the classroom.”
“Really excellent – I shall certainly be using the ideas from today straight away.”
“Terrific trainers – very knowledgeable! – and so much info given.”
“Really useful; will certainly bring a new dimension to my teaching.   An enjoyable day – am inspired!”
“Brilliant!  Fantastic ideas given.  A very worthwhile day – thank you.”
“Thank you so much once again for an inspirational, informative and resource-packed day!  Lots of wonderful ideas that will translate well into practice 🙂
“A truly fab day!  Very thought-provoking.  I feel a lot more confident about what being an RE coordinator involves”
“An excellent, informative day full of ideas to refresh teaching and learning of RE in EYFS – chance to share good practice and  focus in on the challenges.  Thank you.”

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