Inside the gurdwara in Anlaby

Mr Kang welcomes teachers to the gurdwara

Mr Kang and other members of the Sikh community welcome schools to the Anlaby Gurdwara and invite teachers to share in festivals & celebrations such as Diwali.

Here is a section of the interesting and informative PowerPoint presentation that Mr Kang prepared for teachers…

The Ten Gurus

Contact Ajit Kang to arrange your visit:
tel. 07821 564749

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  1. Hi could you let me know what it’s like living in Hull does it have lot of racism issues against sikhs there because my son would like to move to Hull and do a his digaree there but we don’t know much about Hull as my son is a Sikh

    • Hello Mrs Kaur
      Your son will be most welcome as a Sikh in Hull. We have very good relationships with members of the Sikh faith here. The Guru Nanak Gurdwara is located on Parkfield Drive, off Anlaby Road. You may wish to talk with a member of the community there and I would recommend you contact Mrs Kamlesh Singh who is a member of our Standing Asvisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE)and helps train our teachers and works with pupils in our schools. Her email is
      Very best wishes

      Marilyn Cowling
      Advisor to Hull SACRE
      Mob: 07764577064

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