Willerby Reform Synagogue

John Friend and the Jewish community hosted a pedagogy training at their Reform synagogue.  Everybody had a fun day and got a lot out of the methodologies.  Play some games to introduce artefacts to your class:

Jewish Resource Box

We looked at the festival of Hanukkah on a training day entitled Enquiring through Festivals of Faith.  Check out the research into Enquiry Based Learning which underpins this approach:

Newcastle – Enquiry Based Learning Oct12

Hanukkah resources that were shared that day, thanks to Debbie Newton (North East Lincs):

Dreidel game

Enquiring into Hanukkah

Hannukah pictures


Make a Hanukkah Wish Star

Making a Menorah

and thanks to REtoday archive for these:

Meet Samuel

Story of Hannukah – hope

All of this fits with the original pedagogy presentation…

Productive pedagogies Jan12

If you would like, we can easily arrange a much more in-depth look at any of the pedagogical strategies.  Just ask!

Godly Play: The Parable of the Sower


Godly Play

Philosophy for Children


Open the Book

Persona dolls


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