Download training documents for the 2016 syllabus:

Working with the new Agreed Syllabus – Oct16 – PowerPoint

Primary RE Policy template

Examples of schools’ work to plan their RE curriculum:

These are essentially ‘work in progress’!  Please use them, adapt them, add to them, share them, and then send us something back to share with others!  Thank you.


Units with Christianity Key Content added (Parkside)

Christianity story and text grid (Parkside)

Judaism story and text grid (Parkside)

Programme of units KS1 & KS2 mapped to faiths (Keldmarsh)

Understanding Christianity – matched to RE syllabus units

Internet links for 3.1 Remembering and 4.2 Saints & Heroes (Chiltern) 


AT1 & AT2 Task Setting Statements (CE schools training day)

End of KS1 statements in pupil-speak (work in progress!)

End of KS1 statements & unit objectives (chosen objectives for FLIC)

End of KS2 statements & unit objectives Y3&4 (chosen objectives for FLIC)

End of KS2 statements & unit objectives Y5&6 (chosen objectives for FLIC)


Parkside Y1&2 units (age-related expectations)

Parkside Y3&4 units (age-related expectations)

Parkside Y5&6 units (age-related expectations)

Howden CE Infants unit-1.1 (pupil-speak)

Howden CE Infants unit-1.2 (pupil-speak)

Howden CE Infants unit-1.3 (pupil-speak)

Acre Heads Asst grid Y1-2 (with chosen Asst objectives)

Acre Heads Asst grid Y3-4 (with chosen Asst objectives)

Acre Heads Asst grid Y5-6 (with chosen Asst objectives)


What matters most – Bilal’s bullseye (Parkside)

Blank diamond 9 (Parkside)

Diamond 9 base sheet (Parkside)

10 commandments diamond nine (Parkside)

SEN –  Burning Core model

The Burning Core units are now part and parcel of the Agreed Syllabus website: