Guardians of Ancora free for RE


Guardians of Ancora is a free-to-download game for children (upper KS1 & KS2) which brings the stories of the Bible to life.  It is an amazing tool that you can use to deliver RE lessons in a new way.  A complete scheme of work and accompanying resources based on the story of Jesus and the fishermen, is available here as an eBook.  Guardians of Ancora presents the material as four lesson plans and a library of content, is based on the story of Jesus calling the Fishermen, and is FREE to use.  They are ideal to incorporate into planning for the Spring term units 2.2 Believing and 3.2 Faith Founders.

A teacher recommends:

Well-planned, thoughtful, biblically accurate teaching materials which engaged the children and achieved their RE objectives.  Lots of different activities to explore in exciting ways.


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